About Joy

Joy became a pioneer in environmental and immersive theater long before the terms were in use. Through her work with Whimsicalitea (the arts nonprofit she helms), Joy has applied her skills to literacy and learning to create a world of interactive stories and hands-on enrichment programs designed to get kids excited about reading and bring families together. 

Having mounted dozens of audience-participatory shows and hosting well over a hundred sold-out theme events and trips, she's become a go-to resource for making activities streamlined and fun—be it for school, business, or philanthropy. 

Her current projects include:

Selectively, she works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to solidify their brand and amplify their impact through strategic messaging and themed gamification.

To work with Joy one-on-one, reach her directly at jsd.omni@gmail.com 
or in the Genie at Your Service Facebook group